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>> good evening. big problems tonight for muni in san francisco. woman in a wheelchair was hit by a trolley at market and church street. we are told she either leaned over or fell in front of the trolley. witness say the trolley kept going dragging the woman for almost a block. emergency crew had to use air bag and wooden block in order to raise that trolley. that's what you see the firefighters rescue crew doing there. sadly the woman has suffered life threatening injuries, we believe. but we are checking on that of course. now to a separate incident. blown transformer has shut down all metro muni lines downtown. that's the k, l and j lines.
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bus bridges in effect to get people around. very bad night for muni. we have more open both of these stories on 7 news leather:00 over on channel 7 and of course updates here as need be. well now to the weather. much of the bay area continues to dry out and clean up after trio of storms. the sky 7 hd video shows some of the toppled trees around san francisco. in other parts of the city in the area there have been problems as well in san anselmo. 30,000 gallon of raw sewage escaped from manhole. most now recovered. the problem was apparently caused by some kind of material clogging a sewer line. we can go next to the south bay where vine hill road interscott's valley in santa cruz mountains could be closed for quite some time after part of the 2 lane road washed away yesterday as all the rain came down in that part of the bay area. then this. storm related sink hole in the east bay city of lafayette and means months of repair. classed
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water sewer gas lines just a huge mess. mountain view drive near mount diablo boulevard is closed for quite some time at least a mess for quite some time because of this. story tonight from laura anthony. >>reporter: clean up continues before the repair can begin along mountain view drive in lafayette. one day after steady downpour ripped away a huge section of the roadway that runs over a creek. jeffrey lives cross by but didn't get tout see his neighborhood newest feature until today. >> my gosh. i live right up vat street and i didn't know. >>reporter: city of lafayette predict may not be until spring before this section of roadway is completely repaired. first order of business is stopping the flow of water before the next rain move in. >> all but one water line has now been addressed. still one water line that needs to be to be fixed or shut off. and so
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that's what we concentrate on today. >>reporter: in the mean time those who live here will probably have to get used to the sight of the sink hell and all the truck and equipment that has moved in to repair it. >> they say it will take week ors months to fix. what will that do to the neighborhood do you think. >> i don't know. it's going to be pretty rough. people living up there that's for sure. >>reporter: now the city estimates that the cost of this repair will run that the hundreds of thousands of dollars but not worried about paying for it. unlike other bay area cities, lafayette has a 5 million dollar rainy day fund as it's called and as the city manager told us, yesterday certainly qualified as a rainy day. in lafayette, abc 7 news. >> what a crazy tame over the weekend. thank goodness for the calm weather we needed to dry out but won't last long. spencer has yet more rain spencer on our door step. >> indeed dan here's live
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doppler 7 hd. early this evening we had a large area of moisture well to the north up around mendocino county dissipated right now but still noise our north moving in our direction. give you a lack at conditions tm morning beginning at the start of rush hour 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning start the fork animation at that point probably light rain up around santa rosa, perhaps as far south as san rafael. notice 5 to 7:00 a.m. we see the rain remaining in the north bay. don't expect to drop down below the golden gate. as a matter of fact it break up a little bit. 80's of rain early morning hours as we continue now to about 9:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. we see it retreat ago bit farther north back up to around santa rosa and points north of santa rosa so for virtually all the morning hours the rain will be confined to the north bay. now we take it up to 11:00 o'clock in the morning. drop south again perhaps down to napa and san rafael but again in the down below the golden gate or if i point south of that. so looks like mainly north bay event for tomorrow morning. does not look like all the bay
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area get rainfall however another wave coming on wednesday i'll show you what we can expect from that a little bit later. >> just what we need. spencer thanks very much. >> again spencer says more rain expected this week so be sure to stay with us for continuing storm watch coverage. we really take this very seriously and cover it extensively for you. don't forget track the system any time with live doppler 7 hd at abc 7 stay hear for complete weather coverage. move on to other significant news tonight. >> arrest new information about the circumstances surrounding an at risk juvenile victim who went missing from an oakland care facility. 7 nuts reporter nick smith has latest news on the case. >> tej girls suffers from severe autism and has mental capacity of 9-year-old went missing from this group home in oakland. after appealing to the public for help and several searches koovrd natured by the oakland police department she was found in san francisco on a muni bus. her parents tell us that she had been assaulted.
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today facility director express their gratitude to the public for helping find her. >> that's really what resulted in her return to safety. we are really, really gritful to the community. >>reporter: i spoke with the girl mother by phone. she says that she doesn't want to discuss the nature of her daughter injuries or the details of the arrest out of concern that it may jeopardize her daughter's case. >> writ now we are very pleased that there's been an pleased that the community responded the way it did. >>reporter: oakland police not saying much. only an arrest has been made. the particular around who, what and why aren't being shared with the public or the youth facility administrators. >> we look to participate with the police any further way we can but at this point we don't have any other can't say anything else about the investigation. >> the facility administrator tell me that this has been a difficult time for everyone. industry standard and reduced budget often present challenge that the public just doesn't see. they did stress however
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that their client safety and welfare remains a top priority at oakland police headquarters abc 7 news. >> 2 chp officers referring from minor injuries after flipping the patrol car during a high speed chase near the altima pass. chase began 3:30 this morning on 5 80 in livermore. officers closing in when the car overturned internorth flynn road on altima pass. officers suffered cuts and bruises as you can see here. 2 men eventually arrested when they surrendered near lathe respect and san what you keep county. >> one of 3 firefighters injured during crash in orinda going home today. doctor cleared michael rat this morning. he's home tonight. firefighters kelly morris still in the hospital and may need surgery for fractured leg knee and foot. steven pwroing requires surgery on his foot. all 3 firefighters were injured while responding to an accident on highway 24 early yesterday in the east bay. 2 vehicle
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could not stop and hit the fire engine. second vehicle rolled that the firefighters. fourth person was taken to the hospital and we understand is if critical condition tonight. republic demands california are worried about the possibility of taxes going up because there aren't enough in sacramento to block it. lawmakers ushered in the new era today at the capitol after the election and as we report, democrat contract now hold essentially all the power. >> please wrist your right hand and repeat after me. >>reporter: new session begins with a dramatically reshaped legislature with democrat contract holding super majority powers in both houses. giving them the authority to raise taxes without republicans and override gubernatorial veto. still newly upon atheed assembly speaker vows to listen to the g.o.p. >> find the rate solution for the challenges facing our state is not the task of one party or one house. >>reporter: already though
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democrat contract have introduced a constitutional amend tomorrow make changes to proposition 13. the landmark initiative that limits how property taxes are assessed and requiresthirds vote for any new taxes. state senator proposal asked voters to allow logical communities to raise taxes for schools with 55 percent of the voychlt allowing a third of the state to or local area to veto what two-thirds wants i believe is really democracy and really proven to be as too difficult hurdle. >>reporter: assemblyman and several co-sponsors reintroduced the trust act banning local law enforce frment turning over illegal im grnts to the feds for possible deportation if the crime is relatively minor. >> we must make sure that secure community focus on violence and harden criminals. not on day labor workers. not on domestic workers. >>reporter: republicans will have little say. >> our role will be hopefully
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partner with the press. shine a light on what is going on in the government. >>reporter: democrat believe california voters gave them a mandate to get things done. >> i think the biggest danger we would move too consciously and not address the problem california has been facing. california voters have demanded that we govern. that's what we intend to do. >>reporter: lawmakers will also be making less this session. new 5 percent pay cut means rank and file will earn just over 90,000 dollars a year. but they still get the 142 dollar a day tax-free per diem for living expenses. in sacramento, abc 7 news. more to bring you tonight. bizarre situation played out on television. coming up. northern california magician is set on fire. was it a prank or deliberate act of violence? we have the story. >> also tonight. bay area marijuana dispensary wins a battle but conflict between the landlord and u.s. justice department. >> mainly winter time success story. tonight how unfun issued flood control project
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prevented downtown disaster. explain exactly how it works. >> and how about this one? this is cool look. >>reporter: whether knew buying a dog leash that is much fun except how could it not be when you are getting the help of a forty-niner football he.yer to pick it out for you.
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>> now to shocking story played out on television in front of the audience. millions of viewers. magician with grew up in chico wayne burned by a a flaming liquid. it is an apparent attack by the show host who may soon be arrested. lindsay davis now with the bizarre story. >> in this death defying scene flames shoot from the head of magician wayne. a moment he says was no magic trick. millions of tv viewers watched as the unscripted prank by a tv host back fired in a horrific way. >> face is burned. >>reporter: now that host is expected to face charges. warrant issued for his arrest. it all started saturday when he was a guest on the popular show in the dominican republic approach the stars. he says the host franklin bar unexpectedly poured a flaming could loan on his head. on facebook he wrote this was not
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a stunt or part of an act. this was a criminal attack. he was rushed to the hospital with first second degree burns on face and hands. he has since tweeted resting healing and working through the legal process in the dr and the outrage here outpouring of support has been incredible. world fame maws jition david copperfield is among those supporters. >> never know what to expect. try to the present yourself as a performer that is creating wonder and amazement and occasionally somebody might misunderstand. >>reporter: he gained international success as magician. only it's not his magic but this moment of him cheating death that now has the world talking. lindsay davis abc news. key legal victory for medical marijuana dispensary could pose serious problem for oakland landlord. california judge ruled that the landlord can not evict harbor side health center even though federal attorneys are threatening to seize her
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property. u.s. attorney claims that harbor side violates the federal law against growing selling marijuana but the judge sided with the facility because state law allows non-profit to distribute medical mayor 1. now the decision is reversal of lower court ruling. landlord has appealed and hearing is scheduled for december 20th joovlt after 16 most tentative agreement reached between the union and port of oakland. port workers without a contract for nearly a year and a half now. details will be released on wednesday. we will of course pass them along. let's go back to the weather coverage now. napa creek often overflows causing major flooding problems when it rinse like this weekend although not this time. perhaps not any more either thanks to the city flood protection plan. of wayne has the story. >>reporter: when high water come to napa people know the drill. >> flood warning come we pray a little bit. drill take everything out of the basement. everything off the bottom shelves. >>reporter: so what is wrong
9:18 pm
with this picture. sand bag or the need for them? >> well we would probably be standing in mud and big mess. >>reporter: as the water rose in napa last weekend plenty of residents expected another scene like 2005. when napa creek overflowed its banks. this time it didn't. thanks mostly to 35 million dollar federally funded bipass project by the army corps of engineers. >> design worked as intended. >>reporter: project simple and condition september more difficult next cushion. really a matter of rechanneling water. below my feet this culvert has doubled x's ty. if it weren't here last weekend the area probably would have flooded. >> it can be dramatic. very fast. and it can create significant damage. >>reporter: napa has suffered through 24 serious floods since the civil war. last weekend could easily have been the 25t 25th. outsiders think first of the napa river that floods once every seven years but the creek overruns the banks three times
9:19 pm
as often. >> our old pair dime was that 4 inches of rain in 6 hours up on western water shed of the napa area would cause a flood on this creek. we are certain now that the capacity of such that number doesn't hold any longer. >>reporter: 12 inches fellas weekend but where bottle neck portion of the creek used to be tight and narrow project has provided those rushing water with more room both wide and high. last weekend water rose only one third or the of the way up the new bank. that's what 35 million dollars will buy. more actually. >> would i venture to say it saved the cost just in this particular flood. >>reporter: that's the back story behind the otherwise quiet monday and peaceful non-eventful napa. that 400 million dollar project for the river and creek designed to be a 100 year flood. only two-thirds done at this upon the. there's more work to be done on the river down below. why is that significant? because they say what we had last weekend wasn't 100 year flood. more like a 10 year
9:20 pm
flood. in nap a-wayne, abc 7 news. all right quay it where rain was but that will be changing by the time you get up in the morning. >> right about this getting closer. may not be heavy rain this time pretty sure it won't be but getting close. live view from the high definition suit are camera looking out over san francisco and we have got partly mostly cloudy skies around the bay area right now. cloudy up north than over the rae main dear of the area and we don't have any reports of rainful yet at reporting stations let's look at doppler and we have dray conditions at the moment despite the cloudy skies but to the north in mendocino county and farther north and west offshore we have lieutenants of moisture an it's moving in our trx. temperatures writ now generally in a narrow range of mainly mid 50's all around the bay area. and these are our forecast feature. see north bay rain developing by early morning. again we don't expect it to be heavy. rain in all areas on
9:21 pm
wednesday though that will be a heavy rain system on wednesday then dryer pattern begins on thursday and continues right on into the weekend. satellite radar composite image showing approaching storm system in the nearly so strong as what we had over the weekend of mild air mass accompanying the storm. start our forecast animation 5:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. beginning rush hour here. at that point see light rain up around santa rosa. and san rafael. not moving south of the golden gate. remain all the midmorning hours in the north bay and again going to be mainly light to moderate rainfall and by the end of the day tomorrow 5:00 o'clock in the afternoon we see the rain still up in the north bay with clouds farther south app east but probably no significant rainfall. however overnight tomorrow night into wednesday we get heavy more concentrated wave of rain that begins touching all parts of the bay area by the beginning of rush hour on wednesday then during wednesday we see the rain spread and give us a pretty soggy day most of the bay area all wait through the daytime
9:22 pm
hours into the late afternoon and then tapering off wednesday evening overnight into thursday morning. and by 5:00 o'clock thursday morning beginning of rush hour that day we see rainfall total approaching inch and a half perhaps in the north bay mountains up to inch in the north bay generally and santa cruz mountains then quarter inch to south bay to mainly 3 quarters inch in the east bay. be significant rain fall but not major flooding rain storm. over nature tonight look for low mainly in the upper 40's to low 50's. tomorrow north bay high only in the 50's because that's where the rain concentrated a little cooler there. low to mid 60's over the remainder of the bay area. here the accu-weather 7 day forecast. wet day in the forth bay tomorrow. wet day for the entire bay area on wednesday. drying out on thursday which is raiders game day thursday night football. raiders in oakland taking on manning and broncos seen writ here on abc 7. dry day on thursday. friday. dry cal day on saturday and slight
9:23 pm
chance of some showers on sunday then dry mild on monday. pretty good lacking forecast once we get past wednesday rain. >> i'm glad the game look good goods. >> yes. >> thanks very much. trip took more than 3 decades but nasa voyager is finally there. coming up next. space agency big announcement in san francisco. >> pentagon wants to save soldiers lives but it's breaking the law to do it. that story kilometer up. stay that story kilometer up. stay with us. 7 news at 9:00
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>> staggering figure. airlines have taken in 36 billion dollars in revenue from airline fee this year. and now they think they can make even more money. airlines officials met at conference this weekend to discuss ways of maximizing airline passenger fees. tossing around the idea of new
9:27 pm
forms of travel insurance. giving travelers the chance to present order meals for the flight. most airlines already charge of course for food cocktail way tie and even to check bag these days. >> nasa today announced result of its analysis of the first soil sample skapd up by the mars rover curiosity. san francisco today at meeting of the american gee physical union nasa says curiosity detected water and space agency called chemical diversity. but no defainttive sign of carbon base form of life. nasa says rumor of blockbuster announcement were incorrect and work is really just gwynn. >> what this mission is about is integrated science. in the going to be one single moment where we all stand up and on the basis of a single measurement have a hallelujah moment. >>reporter: 2.5 billion dollar curiosity landed on mars in august on two year search for signs that life once existed on the planet. >> same conference in san
9:28 pm
francisco nasa talk about the voyager 1 spacecraft launched in 1977. it turns out all these years later it's still brimminging back new information. nasa announced voymer 1 now at the far reach of the solar system. this is nasa animation of voyager. area is called the magnetic highway and boundary that separates the solar system from the rest of space. now this means voyager one is on track to become the first man made object to exit solar system. when it will come is unknown partly because just no precedent. item fascinating. what an accomplishment. >> new to the thrown. up next britain royal family reveals some very big baby news. >> president obama takes to 20th tore push the solution to the fiscal cliff. g.o.p. makes a counter offer and now guess what, steal mate. how the cliff hanger will affect the family finances. >> president obama says the world is watching. his warning
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world is watching. his warning tonight to well, well, well. growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show
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>> good evening once again. start this half hour in washington where less than a month to go now until u.s. could face massive spending cuts and tax increases known as the fiscal cliff. they are talking about it in washington. today congressional republicans put forward alternative to the president plan. but tonight we are no closer to a deal. political reporter mark matthews explains what that means. >> san francisco cafe owner has been watching the cliff creep closer an hoping for rest logs. >> because if they don't it's going to be really tough. >>reporter: he's talking about employees. see the income
9:33 pm
taxes increase by a couple of thousands dollars. >> cost of living is really high and tough to make it especially in the city like san francisco. >>reporter: if congress and president can't reach an agreement income taxes will go up on nearly all americans. average family will be paying an extra 2000 to 2400 dollars a year. automatic spending cuts mean cuts to education. transportation. research and development. there's proposal to up airline fee that is could raise 1 billion dollars cutting back on those who 7 fad stamps could bring in another 4 to 16 billion over 10 years. eliminating saturday delivery of the mail could save 16 billion. 55 billion in cuts to military spending would certainly hit california. >> defense aerospace big part of southern california economy so those cuts would develop effect there. >>reporter: this afternoon speaker of the house boehner delivered the g.o.p. proposal. which would reduce the national debt by 2.2 trillion dollars including 800 billion
9:34 pm
in new tax revenue but would leave the bush tax cuts to the top 2% in place. photo op today the president ignored reporter questions about that republican plan but later in a statement the white house rejected it. we believe a deal will be struck before the deadline and it will be the republicans that give ground. >> i think this time around obama has learned from his past mistakes and more importantly he has the advantage that if he does nothing he's in better shape than the republicans are. >>reporter: professor says republican holding the middle class hostage trying to force the president hand. problem is they can't afford to carry out the threat. if the g.o.p. is blamed for raising taxes on everybody because they were trying to protect the rich, be putting themselves in a dark hole. in the newsroom, abc 7 news. let's go over seas to syria. united nations preparing to evacuate all
9:35 pm
non-essential staff from syria growing fear that the regime is considering using chemical weapons. european union also reducing the presence there. and president obama is warning syria president over the entire situation. martha tonight on the weapon that syria has and what that means for the united states. >> latest intelligence is alar alarming. officials telling abc news the un is new seeing specific signs that the syrian regime may prosecute engine to use the chemical sarah against opposition forces. it is an extremely toxic substance that can kill a person in a matter of minutes. with only one dro drop. the victim suffocated from paralyzing effects of the toxin. this new intelligence has obama administration so concerned harsh warnings came today from the president himself. >> i want to make it absolutely clear to assad and those unhis
9:36 pm
command world is watching. use of chemical weapons is and would be totally unacceptable. if you make the tragic mistake of using these weapons there will be consequences and you will be held accountable. >>reporter: senior official tells abc news that there are contingent plans for military action if the weapons became a threat. syrian regime today said it wouldn't use chemical weapon under any circumstances but president assad father used them and assad has been mass kering his citizens for nearly 2 straight years. martha, abc news, washington. >> u.s. find it snevl a quandary here. imposes crippling sanction on iran and but they are buying anti-venom to the help soldiers from this snake. it can paralyze the victim in an hour. the snake refs to let go when biting the victim. tenacious. only
9:37 pm
anti-venom comes from iran but military purchase may violate sanction rules. pentagon investigating after the wall street journal raised question about this. this is approved by the fda only works on bites by snakes found in the united states. new to the storks watch heard round the world. prince william and wife kate!kate duchess expecting first child kate is in the whose her husband by her side tonight. many we explain why. >>reporter: world saw kate was on friday a picture of health. playing field hockey now we learn the duchess of cambridge is pregnant. hospitalized for a condition called tm this. palace today saying as pregnancy is in the very early stages her royal high needs is expected to stay in the hospital for several days. and will require a period of rest there after. hg is a severe form of morning sicknesses that debill taste 2%
9:38 pm
of expected mother causing severe vomiting weight loss and dehigh creation. sharon experienced it with both of her pregnancies. >> it's so much more than morning sicknesses. you are sick morning noon night you are in the throwing autopsy couple times a day you are throwing up 2 dozen times a day. you can't keep anything down. >>reporter: kate is likely less than 12 week pregnant. most cases the condition will ease after 16 weeks. doctors say hg can also give a hint about the baby. studies show mother that experience it have slightly higher odds of carrying a girl or twins. and if there are twins and there feds to be a c-section doctors tell us it is clear that one will need to be delivered first and that's the first if line. looking at the royal line of succession there is the queen. then charles. william. then harry. but the rules of succession are changing. so whether will and kate have a boy or girl this new baby will
9:39 pm
now bump harry and 37 other members of the royal family and be next in line after william. >> william child will be third in license to the threaten regardless of whether a girl or boy. >>reporter: prince harry serving afghanistan reportedly found out he was going to become an uncle by e-mail. kate remains in the hospital under observe vision for several days. abc news outside buckingham palace in london. >> more note. good morning america have more on the royal baby. laura will broadcast live from buckingham palace for the latest on kate middleton pregnancy tomorrow morning starting at 7:00 a.m. on abc 7. >> well forty-niner players good on a shopping spree. next on 7 news at 9:00. christmas comes early as team mates play personal
9:40 pm
for over 60,000 california foster children, the holidays can be an especially difficult time. everything's different now. sometimes i feel all alone. christmas used to be my favorite. i just don't expect anything. what if santa can't find me? to help, sleep train is holding a secret santa toy drive. bring your gift to any sleep train, and help keep the spirit of the holidays alive. not everyone can be a foster parent, but anyone can help a foster child.
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çel >> firefighters in iowa lit a few spark and in seconds flame flamesen xwuvld the tree. all to prove a point about the dangers of not watering the christmas tree. whether in iowa or here you need to water the tree every single day and keep it away from any flames or heat sources. warning we hear every year but always bears repeating. >> heart warming shopping spree that involves some low income kids in san jose and the 49ers. the story tonight from corrin corrina. >>reporter: it's not unusual for children to have a wish list around christmas but at the top of these list are gifts for their families. >> transformer. for my also brother. >>reporter: 49ers stepped in with a winning game plan. 5 players showed up at target dressed as santa helpers. including tight end vernon davis. >> this is all about the kids. any time it's all about the kid i'm all for it. >>reporter: every kid got to spend a 300 dollar prepaid visa
9:44 pm
card and shopping adventure they will never forget. >> it's very, very, very exciting. because i never been up cholesterol to a forty-niner before. >>reporter: what each child has seen up close is hom homelessness. which is why the life builders in san jose has the family in transition housing and grateful for corporate partner like target, visa and 49ers. >> it means they are saying we need homelessness is a problem in the community and we want to be part of the solution. >>reporter: from doing collar to video game and vacuum cleaner the money well spent. >> clothes for my brother and sister and they will like it because they will have more stuff to which are for school and stuff. >>reporter: some of the biggest stars in the nfl say giving back to those less fortunate reminds everyone washington is really important this holiday season. >> in life the only they think you really have to hold on to is your family. keep the family first and that's what they are here today for.
9:45 pm
>>reporter: for the players success today was not measured in touch downs. even those who didn't necessity quite how to say thank you, found a way. >> that smile says it all. >> i know it's beautiful. get from it my mom. loves me. >>reporter: does have an peg pegsally beautiful smile and everybody was feeling the love today. despite putting the family at the top of the shopping list the kids were able to pick out some items for themselves. in san jose, corrina abc 7 news. >> fabulous. not tomorrow kids that had a nasty day. coming up. tiny toy maker delivers a big surprise to a boy who saved up his pennies.
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>> all right. get ready for raiders day on abc 7. peyton manning first place broncos to oakland this thursday. broadcast the game live colonel see number oakland. kick things off with special pre-game edition of 7 news at 4:00 p.m. over on 7 then the game starts at 5:00. raiders day on abc 7 on thursday. well 7 news teaming one the john journal for another higher event tomorrow. recruit versus more than 350 jobs available at this free event in san jose. among the company hiring hyatt regency santa clara california army national guard new york life insurance and financial services as well as sleep trai train. so bring resume to the double tree hotel in san jose from noon until 4 tomorrow and maybe there's an opportunity there to find the kind of job you are looking for. now the
9:50 pm
feel good story in connecticut. 10-year-old james is developmentally disable. he play was lego to help feel better. now for 2 years james saved every penny he had until he had 100 dollars to buy a lego train set. by the time he saved enough money lego had discontinued making that train. so james wrote a letter to lego which his father posted on you tube asking if the company could help him find one of the sets. logo wrote back apologizing but guess what? several days lateary box arrived at the door from leg o. hidden camera the parents recorded the whole thing. watch. >> i finally have this. [ screaming. about. >> isn't that exciting. sweet kid. finally got. that lego sent him a set along with a letter thanking james for loyalty to the company. the boy convinced lego is the best company in the world. by the way wave link to the complete
9:51 pm
video on you tube at abc 7 what a nice story. christmas comes early for young james. >> talk weather spencer tracking yes another storm. >> that's trueth before we get to that i show you a percent of average rainfall various location around near the bay area so far sacramento almost at 200 percent of average for this time in the season. all around the bay area well above afternoon. inform rainfall deficit. more on the way. doppler shows rain up to the north. light moderate at the moment but moving in our direction and some push into much of nrn part of the satellite tomorrow and wet. dry warm down south and bay area tomorrow look for light rain or showers over the north bay for much of the day. high pressure there only in the 50's. we see 60's in other parts of the bay area tomorrow east bay and south bay and may not rain at all. here's the 7 day forecast. even wetter weather on wednesday parts of the bay area and dry weather for thursday through the
9:52 pm
weekend. with possible exception chance of showers on sunday. >> okay thanks spencer have even. >> larry its off. mike is in with all the sports. 49ers have even more of a question. >> it's going to be interesting. we have yet another quarterback quandary with the frainers. collin got third straight start yesterday against the ram. didn't have his best day growing pains not his best day growing pains not georgia thing
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and actually share something. ♪ the lexus december to remember sales event is on, offering some of our best values of the year. this is the pursuit of perfection. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. it's the life line of people in the santa cruz mountains. we told you about it earlier. crew repair the washed out road before the next rain coming. we have the very latest. >> inspired by apple. if you generation of babies with names made famous by a phone. those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11 over on channel 7. we have all the sports. >> all right. earlier i compared spivt to known commodity while colonel lip is a start one huge potential. start up have growing pains getting into situation you haven't about be in before we saw that yesterday against the
9:56 pm
ram. and it cost him. that's when you wish had you kept the money in the known commodity but since you invest mess of the capitol in the start up hard to turn back. now we have to wonder what will harbaugh do this week. will he start against the dolphins sunday. >> yes. still feel that way. there was a lot of positives. that were in the game. definitely a tough loss specifically with colonel lip i thought especially after the fumble touch down the way he responded. the way our team responded. again putting ourselves in a position to win after that. same said after the safety, too. that i thought he responded with some big pro and some big plays. >>reporter: stay tune. all right raiders lost fifth straight game yesterday to cleveland at the coliseum. coach allen had to be
9:57 pm
distracted with pre-game news dad in the hospital in texas. left after game to join him. same hold mistake kill the rai raiders there were some positives. tight end myers had a team record 14 catches for 130 yards and touch down. streeter caught the 64 yard touch down from palmer cut the lead to 3 at the end of the third quarter. defense lost 3 quarter of the secondary due to concussion. 2 interception and allowed only 20 points despite giving up 8 play over 20 yards. now 3 and 9 and despite another year without it post season berth this team has no quit. >> on defense we played with passion doesn't mean we were correct all the time but the guy were his flying around on defense. they were anything around on defense. but as with anything you have to execute the calls as well. >> machined night football. manning and giants taking on robert griffin the third in the redskins. second quarter. manning connect with tight end bennett tlau for 2 80 yards and
9:58 pm
one touch down. giants led at the half. continues the hot play here. rackie most yards rushing tonight ran for 72 on only 5 carries mess came on this 46 yard jaunt. two to the fourth quarter griffin finds him. for sechblingts im paragraph and beast the giants that help the niners t.giants fall. down to the pinl 3 for this year heismann trophy. klein the first player to win from k state but won the unite as award for best upper class man quarterback that kaenls you out for the heismann. johnny over 4600 total yards will be the first freshman ever to win the award and he's the favorite. my pick notre dame linebacker. first defense only player to within the and eighth player from notre dame to grab the heismann. presented
9:59 pm
saturday night in new york. >> first place warriors looking for fourth straight win hosting magic. first quarter curry. an barns on the same page. is in oop. thank you very much. warriors up. big win against the laker last nature. nelson for 3. warriors trail 51-47 bottom at the half. nice game for david lee. spin. dish. the jam. tied at 69 after 3 quarters. but the magic pull away in the fourth. scchl j buries the 43 pointer of the game and the magic win 102-in our of the final. giants retain key piece of the world series puzzle signing angel. 2 agree on 4 year deal worth 40 million dollars. 31-year-old center fielder hit 8 home runs and led the team with 15 triple that's a team record as switch hitter. he played critical role if the giants winning

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